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We are a full-service real estate firm focused on the development, acquisition, ownership and management of single and multi-tenant industrial and commercial  properties throughout the United States.  From warehousing and distribution to large-scale production and manufacturing, we offer fair leases, renovation opportunities, ground up construction, flexible zoning options, and optimal usable square feet; delivering efficient and modern industrial spaces that enhance the way you work.

We offer comprehensive services ranging from site acquisition and land development to architectural design, construction,  project financing to sale lease-back programs. Our extensive in-house capabilities allow us to manage the full build-to-suit life process, including site selection, land acquisition, design, permitting, and end to end construction.   

Unlike many of our competitors, Landmark has the scale to maintain and hold the asset which keeps our customers nimble and unlocks their valuable resources. Whether you choose to own or lease, our high-tech, high bay, cross-docked warehouse, distribution and specialized light manufacturing facilities can be customized to your exact specifications.  Our promise is to deliver solid construction efficiently and affordably


Our key team members have more than 160 years of combined construction, development and general business experience. Our clients leverage our knowledge to help them avoid many potential pitfalls and ensures their experience with LandMark is smooth and successful.  


We have the expertise, flexibility and capital for virtually any industrial real estate development. From single build-to-suit to sale leasebacks, we provide creative solutions to support our customers’ growing needs. Our team’s extensive experience combined with excellent relationships in the real estate brokerage community is just one of our cornerstones that enables us to provide unparalleled results to our clients.

Our Philosophy


Fundamental to the process is our ability to listen to the client with the intention of asserting current needs, anticipating future needs and providing cost effective results ranging from à la carte services to innovative, turnkey solutions.  Our experienced team will ensure that your facility is right-sized, engineered and designed for maximum operational efficiency and to ensure value.


As your single-source provider, LandMark can manage all of the design, approval, development and construction components for a project; as well as facilitate conversations with local municipalities and economic development organizations. Hands-on leadership and seasoned team members create a consensus-building atmosphere that keeps all stakeholders involved and motivated to achieve the most complex goals.


Utilizing LandMark’s design-build project concept allows for single source project responsibility covering planning, design, engineering and construction. This minimizes project risk, reducing the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases of the project. This increased communication accountability results in reliable pricing, and a single point of contact to maximize your value at the completion of the project.


-General Warehouses

-E-Commerce Centers

-Distribution Centers

-Manufacturing Plants

-Cold Storage

-Clean Rooms

-Pharma Facilities

The Landmark Difference


Unlike typical construction companies, we have the scale to hold onto the asset and offer short and long term leases.

We also offer a sale leaseback option.  Whether it’s a single property or a portfolio, we empower our clients by helping them unlock their real estate resources and shift their focus from real estate back to their core businesses.



With our in-house construction services, we are able to deliver fully integrated design build and general construction expertise on every development we undertake anywhere Nationwide. As your single-source provider, LandMark manages all the development and construction components for the entire project which improves communication, saves time, reduces costs, eliminates mistakes and headaches for our clients.



LandMark is unique in the industry because we do not outsource our property management. As with the rest of our services, all property management is done in house which gives us total control of costs and services for your property. 


LandMark delivers bonus value as an MBE, WBE and LGBT owned business.  Certifications are in process.


Whether you choose to own or lease; build or renovate; LandMark’s team is able to facilitate ground up new construction, interior or exterior renovations and building additions. We appreciate any opportunity and will quote all jobs both big and small.

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Advantages of Leasing

Leasing vs' Owning

For some, there is an emotional satisfaction with owning business real estate.  For others, there is a vague idea that owning real estate is economically superior to leasing, often based on the presumption that the real estate will appreciate in value.  While appreciation is a possibility, it is important to recognize that it is not a certainty, and that the value of the real estate is determined by factors unrelated to the success or failure of your business, and that over the period of time you own the property, its location may gradually fall into disfavor as growth and new construction moves away from you. While leasing may not be best for everyone, thousands of businesses, from the smallest to the largest, find its advantages compelling, including the following: 

#1 Keep your Capital!

 A build-to-suit facility allows a business to preserve and re-invest its capital in its business operations, rather than in real estate.  Since the rate of return on capital invested in a successful business is almost always greater than the rate of return earned on capital invested in real estate, many business owners logically prefer to keep their capital productively invested in the operation and growth of their business, rather than in real estate. 

#2 Full Tax Deductions

100% of your rent payments on leased property are tax deductible, while only the interest portion of your mortgage payments are deductible.  Additionally, while the tax deductibility of depreciation is commonly thought of as a great reason to own real estate used for business, two factors severely limit its tax benefit.  First, a significant portion of the real estate cannot be depreciated at all - namely the land.  Second, most of the remaining improvements are required to be depreciated over a very long period - a period which the IRS continues to lengthen, and which is currently 39 years for most improvements.  This means that only a very small fraction of the cost may be deducted each year.  Before relying on tax considerations in deciding whether to own or lease, consult with your tax adviser. 

#3 Stay Flexibility and Nimble

Due to its inherently illiquid nature, ownership of real estate requires a long term investment commitment.  A tenant's commitment to leased property, on the other hand, is limited to the term of the lease.  This shorter term commitment offers more opportunity to deal effectively with the evolving nature of the facility requirements of the business.  Changes in those requirements commonly arise from:   

  • Business growth;
  • Changes in the business model;
  • Changes in technology;
  • Changes in the demographics of the business's target market;
  • Changes in business ownership; and
  • For closely held businesses, changes in the health, goals, interests and other circumstances of the owners and their families.

#4 It's Hassle-Free

Because the value of real estate is determined by factors unrelated to those affecting the value of your business, the best time to sell your business is rarely the best time to sell the real estate, and vice versa.  Leasing allows your business decisions to be made without regard for the conflicting considerations posed by the underlying real estate.  Additionally, it is almost always easier to sell a business than to sell both a business and real estate. 

Leasing relieves you from the burden and distraction of managing and operating the real estate, and from the costly results of overlooking important management issues related to the real estate. 

#5 Focus on your Core Business

Leasing allows you to focus on what you know and do best.  Commercial real estate and its management and market valuation are governed by factors unrelated to those affecting your business.  It is a business unto itself, requiring a distinct set of skills and knowledge to be effectively managed, introducing a new element of risk which the typical business operator has little means of controlling.